Elisa French

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General info on Elisa and her business offerings

Known for her high EQ and expertise in change management, Elisa has a proven track record delivering coaching & training services to a range of global clients from SME’s to large multi-national corporations. She headlines events as speaker and facilitator on the subject of change and engagement, including the eye-opener "It's a Brain Thing".

Elisa previously worked as a business manager in the energy & real estate industries, transitioning into running her nationwide relocation agency for 10 years. In 2003 she recognized the opportunity for coaching within the industry and began her certification training to become a full time executive and life coach. By early 2007 Elisa had sold her growing relocation business and dedicates herself to coaching, training, speaking and entrepreneurship. Having lived in three different countries and having both US and German nationality, Elisa thrives on working with global “big thinkers”. She is passionate about helping people maximize the effectiveness of their leadership & communication skills and, in doing so, demonstrates how it boosts bottom line results.

On the topic of ‘results’, Elisa is Business Development Director for, a leader in neuroscience-based experiential leadership & team offerings where the focus is on "Smarter Thinking for Better Results".

Elisa is also an associate coach for Results Coaching Systems, as well as delivering interventions as a Master Facilitator for “Nine Conversations of Leadership”, “Purposeful Teams” and "The Heart of Leadership" founded in the roots of organizational development, for organizations seeking sustainable leadership development.

Knowing how hard it can be to stay optimistic, inspired and confident about business, Elisa co-founded three years ago for female entrepreneurs.

Wanting to give back to the community, Elisa has an active role in the Advisory Committee of the European Relocation Agency and Oxford Brookes University, developing an ongoing Relocation Coaching program.

In terms of formal qualifications, Elisa is ICF (International Coach Federation) certified. Before her years of hands-on experience in business management, she pursued her passion for education. Elisa worked in curative education, combined with her love for music, movement and communication. Elisa was born in Washington DC, USA in 1965. Her education, international exposure and artistic soul have helped her create an authentic and balanced coaching & training practice.